IOX Universal Jar Opener

IOX Universal Jar Opener

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The Multi-Purpose, All-in-One Whiz Can Opener!

The 6 Ways Universal Can Opener is a kitchen whiz that especially made to open different kinds of cans, jars, and bottles. It’s an all-in-one tool because it can perform several other functions essential in conveniently opening cans.


  • It has seven built-in tools including those for cutting, twisting, and gripping.
  • It is highly functional as it does not only open cans but also break seals on jars, lift soda tabs, pry open jar tins, pull off bottle caps, and twist screw caps.
  • It opens cans in such a way that there are no dangerous sharp edges on the lid.
  • This universal can opener is durable, compact, and easy to store.
  • It is convenient to carry around, so it can be used for travel or camping.

      When your pet peeve is opening cans, jars, and bottles, the ideal thing to do is look for a good can opener. Then again, if you use different kinds of containers in your kitchen, you’ll need to find more than one opener. Using the 6 Ways Universal Can Opener is the most practical choice for safe and convenient opening of cans, bottles, and other containers.

      A can opener designed to do a myriad of tasks is always the best way to go.

      How the 6 Ways Universal Can Opener Can Easily Open All Can Types

      • Use the tin lid lifter to safely open lids.
      • The Ring Puller is for the bottle tabs on your sodas.
      • Use the Jar Pop for breaking jar seals.
      • Use the Screwcap Opener for opening wine bottles.
      • The Bottlecap Opener is for opening bottled drinks like sodas.
      • The Cutter is for cutting hard-to-open cans or jar tins.